The first annual report was produced in 2005. As a creative and production advisor every year, I made sure the brand was respected, but also had some latitude to ensure the reports didn’t look like another collateral piece. These always came in on time and on budget under some really tight timelines.


Annual Viewbook


This became the main print sales piece for full-time programs once the larger print calendar was eliminated. I managed the design and production annually and introduced augmented reality.

Annual Acceptance Book


The book was one element of the acceptance package sent to accepted students. Over the years, I cut costs by 66% and produced a better and more effective package that included augmented reality. 

Augmented Reality


Introduced AR for the first time in 2014. Users download the app and hover over images which would come alive as a video. This was still relatively new technology and there are so many more ways to make print pieces engaging.


Congratulations Video for accepted students

This was the first augmented reality video created specifically to support the Acceptance Package. Getting a great image for the cover that was also the first frame of the video was a challenge, but this was important so the photo would appear to come to life. Perseverance pays off. 

Welcome Video for Viewbook

Created  originally for the cover of the Viewbook with a come to life augmented reality experience. It is still used as a welcome message on its own and in support of print materials.

Holiday Video

Produced as a holiday message showcasing multicultural dishes created by Chef School students.

Residence Video

Recut from footage used in the Virtual Tour, this was used to promote the new residence. We only had access to one suite while the renovations were still under way.

Legalization of Cannabis Video

Two VPs talk about harm reduction with the legalization of cannabis. Simple locations with natural light.

See more videos in Multi Media

Building A Strong Brand

Consistency across channels, platforms and audiences is key to building a strong brand. Implementing standards is imperative, but it’s also important to build tools like  guides and digital asset management systems that help to empower the community so they can become advocates. This brand is now one of the strongest in the college sector.


George Brown College website redesign

Website Redesign & CMS Migration

Redesign and migration to content management systems for large complex websites is no small feat. It takes a lot of planning, collaboration and synchronization — somewhat like an orchestra. Establishing KPIs, metrics and conducting usability testing have been instrumental to ongoing improvements.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Robust virtual tour with walk through spaces, maps, photo galleries, audio interviews and videos. This tour was originally built using Flash with a separate accessible mobile version. It was later rebuilt in HTML5 and now provides a rich experience across devices and screen sizes — and it’s completely accessible.


Self-Publishing System (SPS)

This is the second digital asset management system recently launched on the Freestyle SasS platform. It replaced an earlier custom tool that was an on-site implementation with a collateral builder. There’s nothing like a DAM to empower people and keep on brand. This self-serve tool did the work of 2.5 full-time people.


Program Management Tool (PMT)

This login page doesn’t look like much, but this is the entry to an important custom site to manage full-time programs content. When the printed calendar was eliminated, we needed a way to manage the complex permissions, review and approval process for this content to minimize risk. A complete history of all changes is captured. I worked with a developer to implement this start to finish in 3 months.