About me

Maria Modopoulos makes paintings, installations and video productions.

Over the years Modopoulos has produced paintings in oil, acrylic paint and pastels covering various subjects of inspiration. She is currently exploring acrylic fluid painting in a series titled “Fluid & Flight”.

A portrait painter since quite a young age, Modopoulos recently created a series of Dolly Parton paintings titled "Hello Dolly". This series exhibited in June 2018 as a solo show at Studio 888 in Toronto. Proceeds from the sale of prints and merchandise will be donated to the Dollywood Foundation Imagination Library, which promotes literacy.

Modopoulos has also explored surveillance, often creating work using captured images from worldwide public web cameras. This series titled "A Virtual Journey" is a comment on contemporary society and the result of numerous visits – watching and constantly photographing to absorb the essence of each destination.

Maria Modopoulos was born in Kastoria Greece, and raised in Toronto Canada. She was awarded a three-year scholarship to study at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), following which she studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art. With certificates in Theatrical Performance, Screenwriting and Independent Filmmaking, Modopoulos has written a feature film and produced several short films. In 2014, she completed a BFA in Integrated Media at OCAD University. Modopoulos also served on the executive committee for four years in the role of Exhibition Chairperson for the Art Guild of Scarborough. 

Exhibits & awards

  • 2019 EXTRAORDINARY, The Papermill Gallery, Toronto
  • 2018 Beach Guild of Fine Art (BGFA), Christmas   Show, Gardener’s Cottage, Toronto
  • 2018 Art Guild of Scarborough (AGS), Fall Show,   Toronto
  • 2018 BGFA, Art in the Beach Fall Show, Toronto
  • 2018 June 7-24 "Hello   Dolly" Solo Exhibit, Studio 888, Toronto 
  • 2018 AGS, Spring Group Show, Toronto 
  • 2018 Don Valley Art Club (DVAC), Spring Show,   Papermill Gallery, Toronto 
  • 2017 AGS, Fall Group Show, Toronto 
  • 2017 BGFA, Art in the Beach Fall Show, Toronto 
  • 2017 Alive With Art, Harrison Properties, Toronto   
  • 2017 BGFA, Spring Show, The Gardener’s Cottage,   Toronto 
  • 2017 DVAC, Spring Show, Papermill Gallery,   Toronto (Honourable Mention – “Leonard   Cohen – Canadian Legend”)
  • 2017 AGS, Spring Show, (Best   Oil Painting – “Blue Fairy 2”) 
  • 2017 Scarborough Arts, Spectacular Celebrations   and Big Book, Papermill Gallery, Toronto (Juror's   Choice – "Bouzouki Legend")
  • 2016 DVAC, Fall Show, Papermill Gallery, Toronto
  • 2016 BGFA, Fall Show, Toronto
  • 2016 AGS, Fall Show, Toronto
  • 2016 Arthur Show, Studio 888, Toronto (Honorable Mention – "Dolly")
  • 2016 AGS, Spring Show (Juror's Choice –   "Myrtle Beach") 
  • 2016 DVAC, Spring Show, Papermill Gallery,   Toronto (Mac Murdock Award of Excellence Portrait   – "Dolly Parton in Concert Dollywood")
  • 2016   Scarborough Arts – Enroute Show & Big Book, Papermill Gallery, Toronto (2 Juror's Choice   Awards – "Pula Croatia" & "Vangsnes Norway"
  • 2015 AGS, Fall Show (Best   Pastel -   Award for "Vangsnes Norway")
  • 2015 DVAC, Fall Show, Papermill Gallery, Toronto
  • 2015 AGS, Spring Show (Best   Small Painting - Award for   "Unknown Location 2014-10-25 19:55")
  • 2014 AGS, Fall Show, Toronto
  • 2014 Arthur Free Spirit, Annual Show, Gold's,   Toronto 
  • 2014 OCAD Grad Show, Toronto "Exhibit   Observitude" Immersive Installation 
  • 2014 AGS, Spring Show, Toronto
  • 2013 AGS, Fall Show, Toronto
  • 2013 Arthur Free Spirit, Annual Show, Gold's,   Toronto 
  • 2013 AGS, Spring Show, Toronto
  • 2012 AGS, Fall Show (Honourable   Mention - Award of Merit   "Melissa Etheridge") 
  • 2012 AGS, Spring Show (Best Oil Painting - Award   "Galapagos") 
  • 2011 AGS, Fall Show (Honourable   Mention - Award of Merit   "Polar Bear") 
  • 2006 Upstream People Gallery, Faces VIII   Exhibition (Special Recognition Award   "Deja Vu") 
  • 2005 Period Gallery, Photographic Process V   Exhibition 
  • 2003 Period Gallery, Beautiful Exhibition (Special Recognition Award "Thirsty") 
  • 2003 Dykeversity Group Show, Toronto 
  • 2002 XTRA Showcase Gallery, Solo Exhibit   "For the Love of Women",   Toronto 
  • 1980 Danforth Library, Toronto 
  • 1980 OCA, Toronto 
  • 1979 OCA, Toronto